Refinance A Mortgage

With interest rates at historic lows, now may be a great time for you to refinance your mortgage. Maybe you want a lower rate, or maybe you want to cash out to pay bills or make some home improvements. There is a lot to consider when refinancing. We’re here to help.

Advantages of Refinancing

  • Possible lower monthly payments
  • Possible lower interest rate
  • If you have an ARM, you could switch to a fixed rate
  • Possibly reduce your term
  • Use a simple streamlined process to if you are in an FHA or VA loan (streamline or IRRRL
  • You may not need an appraisal or to document income
  • Roll the closing costs into the loan amout
  • No out of pocket expenses

Issues to Consider When Refinancing

  • The life of your loan may be reset
  • You may increase the amount you owe now
  • You may have to get an appraisal

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With so many options and so much to consider, it pays to work with a lender you can trust. Not only will we find you a great rate, but we’ll work closely with you every step of the way.

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