Real Estate Loans For The Music Industry

While the Mortgage Maestro team serves all residential and commercial clients, we specialize in working with the music industry. 


Because we love and appreciate music! Many of our friends are in the business, and we understand the challenges music professionals face in building a great life in a grueling industry. 

Financing for Musicians & Music Industry Professionals

  • Lines of credit for festivals
  • Loan for facility expansion
  • Loan to build a studio
  • Equipment financing for staging, lighting, studio equipment, tour buses etc
  • Business investments and acquisition
  • Mortgages on first homes, second homes, or investment properties
  • Much more.

7 Reasons Musicians Love Working With Us

If you’re a music professional considering a home or business mortgage, why not work with someone who understands your challenges, who intimately knows the mortgage industry, who truly cares about making sure you get the best deal possible and who shares a strong passion for music ? 

Here are the ways we can help. 

  1. If a loan can be done, we will make it happen. Our founder Bryan Foreman has been a top producer every single year of his career. He and our team bring a thorough understanding of lending guidelines and income documentation. We will apply decades of experience to your unique situation. 
  2. We can get creative if needed. Because many music professionals are self-employed with sporadic income, traditional financing often does not fit. It then becomes critical to find creative or alternative lending programs if you want to qualify for a loan.
  3. We will help you understand complex financial issues. Many people get so caught up in their art and business, that they never learn financial literacy and how to best manage their money.  We will go out of our way to help provide you with this education.
  4. We can help with credit. Many musicians and industry people have not managed their credit well. On the other hand, some think they have bad credit when actually they don’t. We may be able to help repair credit when needed, or make financing available in other ways. 
  5. We offer commercial financing. If you are looking to buy a studio, fund a festival, expand a venue, or buy a tour bus, we can help you out.
  6. We will make this easy for you. We understand that people in the music industry work a lot, during non-traditional hours, and travel a ton. You probably need a partner with the flexibility to communicate on your schedule. Our “doors” don’t close at 5 PM. We will be available when you are.  
  7. We can bring you a network of national resources. We have connections throughout the country, with banks, private lenders, and some of the best people in the mortgage industry. Our network of trusted professionals can help you find a house, obtain insurance, invest your resources, and more. You’re busy. You need to focus on your success. We can take care of the leg work for you. 

Call us at 866-697-0101 and let the Mortgage Maestro orchestrate the right loan for you.