First Time Loan Buyer Home Program

First-time homebuyers are facing a tough real estate market. Inventory is tight in many areas, and builders are focusing on high-end homes. Approximately 40% of first-time homebuyers carry student loan debt.

This is where first-time homebuyers programs come in. There are more than 2,500 grants and loans programs available nationally, and the bulk of these assistance programs are geared toward first-time homebuyers.

Such programs can help you in a wide variety of circumstances, such as: if you have not purchased a home in the previous three years, if you’re a single parent where your former spouse owned the home, if you’re are a displaced homemaker, if you have previously owned a mobile home, or if you owned a home that isn’t in compliance with code.

The truth is that people who qualify for many first time home buyer programs never know about them and mistakenly pass up the opportunity for assistance.

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